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by Lauren Gunderson
September 30-October 8, 2022
Courtesy of Playscripts 

Tweetering, pandashrews, and undying giddiness for James Madison -- what else could you expect to find at a Miss America pageant? In this hilarious, raucous, all-female "power-play" inspired by Shakespeare's Shrew, contestant Katherine has political aspirations to match her beauty pageant ambitions. All she needs to revolutionize the American government is the help of one ultra-conservative senator's aide on the cusp of a career breakthrough, and one bleeding-heart liberal blogger who will do anything for her cause. Well, that and a semi-historically-accurate ether trip. Here's lookin' at you, America.


Katherine/George & Martha Washington/Dolley Madison - Katie Jensen

Bianca/Intern/Charles Pinckney - Heather Abbott

Patricia/James Madison - Catherine Cook

Stage Manager/Miss America Announcer/Victoria “The Knife” Castelliano - Rachel Baker

Director - Betsy Bossart

Producer - Jen Fischer Davis

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