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Relatable and Inflatable (BW).png

Relatable and Inflatable (The Beach Ball Chronicles): 6 new plays by local authors

Directed by Drue Harris

June 23 - 8:00pm

June 24 - 8:00pm

June 25 - 2:00pm

Griping in the Green Room by Roger Collins
Hedwyn - Katie Jensen 
Osian - C.J. Bossart 
Jim - Ella Wesselman

A Day at the Beach by Teri Foltz
Owen - Ryan Bowron
Holly - Tara Ruggles
Mother - Elaine Michael

Sandcastle by Teri Foltz
Margie - Kathryn Muck
Annie - Ashley Gore
Ellery - C.J. Bossart

Monster Talent by Bill Brohaugh and Lisa Holt
Pat - Autumn Ashford
Aaron - Fred Murrell
Voice - Ella Wesselman

Love Potion #1 by Rose Vanden Eynden
Robin - Autumn Ashford
Wiz - Sherry McCamley

A Purpose-Driven Beach Ball by A.K. Forbes
Candace - Kathryn Muck
Troy - Ryan Bowron
Jim - Fred Murrell
Nancy - Sherry McCamley

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